Ambient Guitar Chord Structures

Learn Some of The Most Popular Chords for Ambient Guitar (Free Sample of The KORDZ Program).

Ambient Guitar Chord Structures

In these 2 modules, we are exploring the most used chord structure in the ambient guitar genre:
spread triads.

Most people stop learning shapes after Major and minor, but I'm showing you many other shapes and some examples of their applications (augmented, diminished, suspended chords & their double leading functions).

You are also going to learn how to harmonize those chords in a sequence, so you can start making beautiful chord progressions that make sense together!

The exercises sections will help you develop automatisms to stay in the same area of the fretboard when using those shapes, because most guitar players jump a lot instead of using more practical and smooth transitions.

Free Module!

Enrollment is free for these modules as a thank you gift for the official launch of the school in 2018!

Note: these modules are extracted from my KORDZ Program. If you are already enrolled in the KORDZ Program, you don't need to enroll in these modules, as they are the first 2 modules of the program.

Your Instructor

Antoine Michaud
Antoine Michaud

Antoine Michaud is a touring musician and teacher based in Montreal, Canada. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and has given private guitar lessons to more than 50 students over the last five years. Since 2014, Antoine has toured in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Poland, France & Spain. His Youtube channel, Monochrome Seasons, helps thousands of musicians around the globe to find inspiration in the ambient guitar genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Once you have enrolled, the module becomes a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You also get a lifetime access!
Is this course original content or is it extracted from the KORDZ Program?
Ambient Guitar Chord Structures is a sample of the KORDZ Program. It is the first 2 out of 22 sections of the KORDZ Program. So, if you really like this mini-course, there are 20 other sections just like this one waiting for you in the whole Program :)

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